Introducing The Revolutionary

fitkneesTM assess

A giant leap in knee injury rehabilitation


Our patent pending technology condenses several bulky and expensive gold standard assessment machines into a highly portable and affordable wearable device

clinician's software

Through a series of exercises, Fitknees collects the biomechanical patterns of the knees and wirelessly sends the data to our proprietary clinician’s software for real time biofeedback and data analysis


These easy to understand deep data analytics reports provide insights into the weekly progress of the patient and treatment effectiveness, thereby ensuring a highly personalized physiotherapy care

the app

For clinicians and patients

Video and text consultations
Personalized exercise programs
Data driven progress monitoring

why fitknees

Affordable, Portable and Highly

Increased Patient Adherence to

Monitor Progress of Patients
through Data evidences

Deliver faster Recovery Time and
better treatment results


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