Think Bones

My sister often jokes that the reason dogs love humans so much is because they use their strong sense of smell to associate humans with 206 big, juicy bones.  Bones are what keep us from being a lump of mass on the floor. Bones provide stability and structure to support our bodies. And yet, bones […]

Why Should We Care?

Reality is different for our younger selves.  We lose 20 temporary milk teeth and replace them with 32 brand new, permanent ones. Our bones grow in size but reduce in numbers, from 300 bones at birth to 206 bones in adults. We gain muscle mass and neurons. We see many changes in our bodies, depending […]

What is Knee Pain?

WHAT IS KNEE PAIN? Knee pain is the most common skeletomuscular problem that can occur due to various reasons such as the strain put on the ligaments, tendons, bones, or the fluid-filled sacs called bursae surrounding the knees. There are multiple reasons for Knee pains, the most common ones being: Injury overuse and straining of […]